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Vivie’s Dance Factory (VDF) is a dance school made up of passionate, professionally trained artists striving to promote arts through education, performance and entertainment. We believe in excellence, dedication and discipline. We teach dance as an extracurricular activity in schools and run weekend classes.

We teach a wide variety of dance genres

These Include.....



This is an exceptionally graceful and technically demanding form of dance. Ballet is universally recognized as the root style for all other dance forms. This is because you gain an understanding of fundamental concepts such as footwork, balance, timing, turns, flexibility, and core strength. VDF uses the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. Students who complete the curriculum are eligible to take the ABTNTC exams.

Hip hop

A very free and raw dance form. Students express themselves through their entire body and posture in response to music. This dance encourages imagination and creativity. It’s ideal for students who want to dance with personality and style to popular music.


Acrobatic dance

This dance style combines strength and flexibility to perform gymnastic-based tricks on stage. Flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination are all improved through tuition. Our acro dance instructors are Acrobatic Arts certified, and our classes adhere to the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

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